English summary

Thank you for your interest in CarSharing Erlangen!

First of all: Sorry for not providing more complete information in English! Unfortunately we do not currently have the resources to fully translate our website. However, this should not keep you from becoming a member of CarSharing Erlangen. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you with all car-sharing related issues; just send us an email or give us a call (the box at the right-hand side of this page contains the contact details).

In the following few paragraphs, the most important facts about CarSharing Erlangen are summarized.


We are not a rent-a-car organization but a car-sharing association. This means that we are not profit-oriented but our organization/managing committee is working mostly on an honorary basis. Our long-term goal is to reduce the number of privately owned cars in our city (parking problem, consumption of public space) and offer motorized private transport to those who occasionally need a car. We consider car sharing one of the four pillars of environmentally friendly transport (walking, cycling, public transport, and car sharing).

What do I have to do to use the CarSharing Erlangen cars?

  1. Apply for membership by filling out the „Mitgliedsantrag“ (application for membership, unfortunately, this is available in German only).
  2. If you have been officially (by mail) accepted as a member you will be asked to transfer your deposit of 800 € (or 400 € if you qualify for a reduction) to our bank account and fill out the „Nutzungsvertrag„, which is our contract for using cars. If you wonder about this: it is possible to be a (passive) member without using cars.
  3. One of our car attendants will contact you for an in-situ instruction about how to get access to the cars and other organizational matters. For this appointment you will have to bring your completed  Nutzungsvertrag, your driver’s license and your ID (passport).

What are the costs?

There is a membership administrative fee of 20 € (non-recurring) and an annual fee of 40 € or 20 € (reduced). We require a deposit of 800 € or 400 € (reduced). If you cancel your Nutzungsvertrag you will get your deposit back within three months after the membership has been canceled.

The costs for using the cars are listed here.

We also have a three-month trial membership (called „Schnuppermitgliedschaft“). This costs an administrative fee of 20 € and of course the usual prices for driving our cars. You will have to give us a security by way of a cheque or a direct debit mandate which will be cashed in if you don’t hand back the access card for our cars after the three month period. If you keep the card you are considered a regular member.

Access to all our cars is regulated through personalized cards or a smartphone app. The cars are booked through the flinkster portal (unfortunately available in German only).

You will get a monthly invoice by mail which lists the details of your trips. The invoice amount will be charged by direct debit.